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Avril 16 2019
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Colombian gastronomy is divided by regional cuisine. This means that each territory makes its preparations according to the ingredients around them. Cali has a gastronomic variety that every national or international tourist should try. In the department of Valle del Cauca you can try dishes such as marranita valluna , pork chop and accompany them with a refreshing lulate.

These are some typical dishes that you cannot miss.

Enjoy your meal:

This is the typical Cali's drink. It is prepared with lulo, one of the fruits native on the southwest of Colombia. besides lulo you add sugar (white or brown) or cane, lemon and a lot of ice is added.

In Ecuador they call him bolón and in Cuba, fufu of banana. In the Valley they are known as marranitas. Basically they are ball-shaped banana stuffed with pork rinds.

This is one of the flagship dishes of the Valle del Cauca that gradually seized the streets of Cali to refresh the city: a mixture of fruits (banana, strawberries, grapes, mango, pineapple, etc. .), condensed milk, sweet syrups and ice How does this combination sound?

You either love it or you hate ot. Many people say it is an acquired taste. It is a fleshy fruit with a balloon shape and colors that vary between red, orange and yellow. They say it is very aphrodisiac, dare to try it.

The pandebono is a bread made from cassava flour and cheese. It can also be filled with a sandwich, a sweet made with guava. It is one of the favorites for the caleños and its visitors, because it carries in its smell and texture the history of this region.

In recent years Cali has expanded its gastronomic offer . In the city there are good restaurants of typical food, as well as very high quality options in international dishes. Prepare your palate to delight all these delicacies.

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