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Juin 07 2019
Événements à l'hôtel
Entering through Venezuela Avenue, the first block on the right hand side, you will find yourself on Tumbamuertos Street, which at the end surprises with the imposing San Diego Cloister.
At first it was called the street of Our Lady of the Pópolo, but what do you think of a name so particular to this street? In Spanish means to throw dead people.

In the middle of 1876 the city of Cartagena was devastated by a great epidemy called "El Tablón", which was nothing else but a cold, but at that time there were no medicines, nor necessary care to protect yourself. This plague caused a lot of deaths in the city.

This is the interesting part, legend says that when the neighbors of San Diego had to go to the cemetery they had to pass through this street. Due to the poor state of this street, full of gaps and unevenness, almost every time the coffin fall down. Literally, they knocked down the dead man.

This event happened so many times that when someone wanted to give an address on this street they said: "back in the street where the dead falls."
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