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Love and friendship day – Perfect Gift | Faranda Hotels & Resorts

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Love and friendship day – Perfect Gift

Décembre 15 2019
Faranda Posts
Love and friendship day is the perfect date to express feelings of affection towards the people we love.
Do not miss the opportunity to give a detail to the person you love, offer your friends a gift or share with your family a delicious dinner full of love. The important thing is that on this date you go out with a different idea.
If you haven’t thought about what to give on this day, do not worry, here we will give you some ideas. Remember that the things that are elaborated by yourself are the most valuable.

1. 50 reasons why I love you
Put in a jar 50 reasons why you feel fortunate to have met that person. You can write things like: your smile, your way of making my days happier, because I have fun with you, your delicious meals…. These are some ideas of what you can write. Think of that person, remember the moments lived and for sure you will have more than 50 reasons.

2. Custom pillow
If the person you love lives far away, this is the perfect gift. This way they will remember you every day. To make it special, you must customize it. Write an inside joke, a phrase like "If you miss me, hug me." Get creative and make this detail something special.

3. Give an experience
Take the person you want to enjoy a weekend to somewhere your always wanted to go. A day at the spa, a dinner, a small trip, a picnic ... In short, an experience that you will surely remember for the rest of your life.
I want you to remember that love and friendship day is no they only special date to demonstrate affection. Love is something we must demonstrate daily.
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