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Juillet 30 2019
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A few meters from ​​the walled city, leaving the Clock Tower, you will find the Getsemaní neighborhood. The place where the independence of Cartagena took place more than 207 years ago. Getsemaní has become the fashionable neighborhood of the city of Cartagena de Indias. It is a place mostly inhabited by locals and visited by tourists from around the world. People are very friendly and simple; If they see you lost or you need an address, they will surely help you out.

Learn more about the daily life of the inhabitants of this autochthonous neighborhood of the city of Cartagena. Here you will have the opportunity to feel closely the city of Cartagena and get in touch with its people and their popular customs in a nice environment. I invite you to walk the corners and admire the preserved architecture of the colonial houses. Observe through the wooden bars of their houses how people live. You will realize that it is a neighborhood full of joy, full of colors, full of life. The facades of the houses, some tall, some short, yellow, green, blue ...

The streets of Getsemaní tell stories without the need to utter words. Each stone talks about how old it is. If you want to see the most striking urban art in the city this is the right place. Prepare your camera to take photos with the captivating works of art in the murals of each corner. You will find impressive graffities. Getsemaní is an exceptional space to appreciate urban art in an environment that captivates everyone.

On your next trip to La Heroica, if you want to experience an original place in Cartagena, the Getsemaní neighborhood is your destination.

Here I leave you a list of streets that you cannot miss:

Calle de San Juan
Calle de la Sierpe
Calle del Arsenal
Calle del Guerrero
Calle de las Chancletas
Calle del Pozo
Calle de las Tortugas

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