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Juillet 24 2019
Faranda Posts
The San Andres Island has become the perfect meeting spot for those who like to practice KiteSurf . If you do not know about this sport, it is a navigation modality that consists of the use of a ( kite ) which is attached to the athlete by lines that are fixed in a harness and sliding on the water on a special board. It is a sport that can be practiced by children, teenagers or adults regardless of gender. Dare yourself!

Definitely when practicing KiteSurf you will have that feeling of freedom and adrenaline with a beautiful view on the sea of ​​the seven colors. Without a doubt San Andrés island, it is the perfect place to practice this sport due to the constant wind throughout the year. The sensation of flying and the sensation transmitted by the sun, water and wind, come together in one place transmitting good energy. You can glide near some of the most beautiful keys of Colombia or paradisiacal beaches where there is great tranquility and an impressive view.

It is clear that kitesurfin has acquired great popularity, thanks to its spectacular and accessible learning. It is not necessary to bring your KiteSurf equipment or worry about professional accompaniment. On San Andres Island you will find several schools dedicated to the practice of this sport and will be sailing on the waves after a few hours of practice. Do not miss this great adventure, there is no excuse for not living this experience of jumping in the sea of ​​7 colors.
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