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Août 15 2019
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San Andres Island is one of the most important places in the Caribbean and is chosen every year by hundreds of tourists. You will be shocked to see its beautiful sea of ​​7 colors, those blue tones that convey a magic and an inexplicable energy. The Caribbean island of San Andrés is a paradise that dances to the rhythm of reggae. It is a cheerful island where music plays from the moment the sun rises until it sets. In San Andrés you will encounter more than 40 beaches and visit them all will take you more than 1 month. That's why I will tell you 5 beaches of this destination that has a glorious view and you can´t miss.

Spratt Bight:
This is one of the main beaches of the city. It is located in the north of the island. This is an ideal beach for sports such as surfing, beach volleyball, kitesurfing among others ... Spratt Bight , also known as Sardine Bay, has white sand and the water is clean and crystal clear. This is a place you can't miss.

Cocoplum Bay:
If you want to enjoy the day on soft sandy beaches, turquoise water contrasted with forests of huge palm trees Cocoplum Bay is the place you are looking for.
This beach is located in a super quiet area of ​​the island, in San Luis. In addition, there is the possibility of interacting with the natives of the island and entering this culture so cheerful with a happy soul.

Johny Cay:
Do you want to go to an islet? On the north coast of San Andres you will find Johny Cay. To get there we will have to take a boat. Upon arrival you will find a beautiful beach full of palm trees and exquisite restaurants where you can enjoy authentic local cuisine.

Charquitos Beach:
If you are adventurous and want to travel a little further south of the island, I recommend the charquitos beach. It is an area away from the tourist center. It is a beach where the tranquility of the sea lets you hear the whisper of the waves.

Rocky Cay:
A few meters away you will see a stranded bar code called Nicudemus, where hundreds of sea creatures and coral reefs inhabit. This Cay is super famous for its extraordinary seabed.

Discover which of these islands is your favorite!
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