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Mai 15 2019
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The city of Cartagena de Indias is a wonderful treasure in the Caribbean that becomes one of the most visited tourist destinations in Colombia. Cartagena it is also called "El corralito de piedra", "La fantastica" and "la heroica". Each name has its history and origin.

The emblematic historic center of Cartagena, the walled city, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in November 1984. The walled city is a place that makes you fall in love, enveloping you in the magic of its colonial streets and squares. Here we will give you the information you need to be prepared for this romantic adventure.

The currency of Colombia is the peso. Did you know that the peso has been the Colombian currency since 1810? In Cartagena, you can exchange other currencies in Colombian pesos at our Hotel Caribe by Faranda Grand, exchange houses and local banks.

The population of the city of Cartagena is approximately 1,100,000 inhabitants. In this Caribbean city you will find a cultural diversity that is more than 500 years old. A mixture of indigenous people, Spaniards, Africans and Arabs in one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia. Tourists are always treated with the joy and kindness that represents the people from Cartagena.

As soon as you get off the plane you will feel the humid tropical climate that characterizes the city of Cartagena due to its proximity to the Caribbean Sea. The temperature is between 28 ºC and 32 ºC. so do not forget to pack a good sunscreen and always stay well hydrated.

In the historic center you only need comfortable shoes to walk around and enjoy the charm of its streets. Get ready to experience magical realism and discover why they call it "La Fantastica".

Forget about the diet while you are in Cartagena. The food of this city is a fusion of intense flavors, a mixture of African, Arab and Spanish food. It is based on fried foods such as the famous egg arepa, soups such as sancocho, mote de queso and dishes such as coconut rice and fried fish. You can also delight your palate with exotic tropical fruits. Get ready to discover Cartagena through its flavors and aromas.

Now that you have a general idea about the most important aspects of the city, are you ready to discover the wonderful city of Cartagena?

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